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What is oDesk?

So what is oDesk. oDesk is a website that helps connect companies with independent contractors that individually handle projects or are hired as part of a team to help meet deadlines on specific projects. Companies can browse profiles to find the perfect candidate based on their portfolio, feedback ratings, experience, and test scores. They can pay employees either with a fixed rate or hourly. Employees will log on so that it can be assured employers are only paying for the exact time that a hired contractor works. In fact, they are only required to pay for logged time.

What is oDesk?

Independent contractors can fill out a quick and easy profile that includes their resume, pay requirement, work history and feedback, test scores and contact information. They can then browse several work categories that pay hourly or a set price, and apply to positions that interest them. The work categories include:

What is oDesk• Content Writing
• Blog and Article Writing
• Creative Writing
• Data Entry
• Personal Assistant
• Web Research
• Email Response Handling
• Administrative Support
• Customer Service
• Order Processing


What is oDesk?

Another beneficial aspect of oDesk is that all payments are processed directly through the site. It is easy in that there is a tab available that shows all payments sent and received, and they can be deposited or drafted directly from a set bank account. Again, oDesk only pays verified work hours if the job is done on an hourly basis with the use of the oDesk Team application which tracks hours worked. There is also an option to contact customer service for help, and a community forum for commonly asked questions or concerns, or just to find someone to help users learn the ropes of using oDesk. Many people claim that oDesk gives them the freedom to work from home and set their own hours, and has been a blessing to them in their professional life.


What is oDesk?



Hope that answers the question what is oDesk?

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